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Core to the human experience is the desire to communicate and to be understood. Whether you are a person, a business, or a brand, life is better when you can share your truth in a way people deeply understand –– when you put your best foot forward. That's our vision and promise.

With Lucidpress, people know who you are.


In two decades, the digital landscape has transformed the way brands present themselves — and the world now expects great design. However, design isn’t a universal skill. Combine that with nearly everyone in an organization creating content and you get bad design and inconsistent branded content.

Due to this, many companies turn to strict brand controls, creating large content request backlogs for central creative teams, or else employees are allowed to create content in the wild with little direction. We created a brand templating platform to offer a better way. Through Lucidpress, companies scale content creation while protecting their brand.

When brands stay consistent through brand templating they last longer, grow faster and drive more revenue.

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